Thinking ABOUT the box

As far as the pot design was OK to the russian team, we strugled a lot with the sketches of the box; the idea of making a box to store memories is quite challenging because, honestly, very few ideas seem better than the simple plain standard box, wich doesn’t really recuires a work of design.

Here are the last sketches of the box: we thought about using a fake lid that the user could keep as wooden tray to match the tops of the pots. The real lid would work as a board between two “rails” and the user woud slide it to open the box without the use of two hands or the possibility of missing the lid.

the sketches
example of the “slide open” mechanism


On November 4th we had a meeting to show our initial ideas for each project and receive feedback on that. The peppers came with beautiful green paletes as a theme color for the fashion week with some sketches of the posters. We had some references for the concept of the happines catcher as well; at the end, we sent each other documents with feedback and more support material such as images and cultural aspects.

The happiness catcher

Our russian friends brought us their brief for an object that would be a “happiness catcher” for adult people, such as our parents. In the brief they explained the dificulties of keeping memories and good feelings in a material form, therefore, we are in charge of the product design for such demand.

Beautiful projects, beautiful people

On october 29th we had our first “open camera” meeting with team Design Peppers, wich was quite surprising since none of us could know how old were the members of the other team, must say it was refreshing seeing that we are all kinda the same age.

We presented our initial briefings and explained a few points that we realised were missing in the presentations, for example: We (the pitangers) forgot to mention important hollidays in Brazil and. seeing the Peppers talking about Maslenica we realized that important dates are quite revealing of one nation values and ideology.

Thomas was a little bit late and couldn’t get in the “design beauties” photo :_( sorry thomas

Heeey everyone!!!

I’m Thomas Schaper and I’m 22 years old, I study Visual Design at UFRGS in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. I was born in Minas Gerais, but live in Rio Grande since I was 5 years old, so I can hardly remember the city or state where I was born, but I still have the will to revisit one day.

I always had a certain taste for the arts and from some time ago they attracted me more and more, maybe also because of my grandmother’s influence, who is an artist, I think that this and the taste for drawing and creating took me to this area in which I am still discovering myself.

I don’t have any hobbies besides watching anime, series and drawing, I also like sports a lot, like basketball and volleyball for example… I like board and cards games or video games too.

I don’t currently have any pets, but I already had a Beagle and I would like to have more as soon as possible, because I like the company they bring us. For now, I am content with seeing my girlfriend’s cats when I visit her.

And that’s me!!

Some of my contacts are:
Instagram: @thomasschaper
WhatsApp/Telegram (55) (51) 981516365

working on it

we, the pitanguers, are average fans of Miro, because it’s a very useful tool for creative processes, and we’re using it since the beginning of the project, creating our name by brainstorming and visualizing possible ways to follow in our design brief with a mind map. the board allows us to explore all our creative capacities, because it has all the tools we need to write, draw, highlight, make connections and so on. now that we are finishing our design brief to present to team 3, it’s so good to visualize all the process on our boards and realize we are doing a good job.

no spoiler

Oi, hi, hello :)

Hi, my name is Namie and I’m a visual design student in UFRGS, a University in Brazil. Although UFRGS is based in Porto Alegre, I’m actualy from a small town in São Paulo State, in the countryside, so I’ve grown up surrounded by nature and a diferent cultural background from big cities.

I don’t really have any longlasting hobby besides playing with my cats (I’ve got 4 really funny cats), but I’ve tried a decent amount of activities and other stuff for some time, therefore, I enjoy a lot having conversations about any topic one might want to talk.

I’m pretty much a newbie in the design world, but I hope to be able to contribute in this experience and also learn with my colleages (maybe even make some friends ;)).

My contacts:

Instagram: @in_the_village13


Linkedin: Fernanda Namie Nakamura

hi there :)

Hi everyone, my name is Gabriele, but you can call me Gabi. I’m 19 years old and I’m speaking from Brazil. Since 2020, I’m studying Visual Design in UFRGS, Porto Alegre, but I live in a city near the university, Caxias do Sul. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved to create new things, make some art and study about the subjects I like, and when I joined the university I was able to continue all this interests, so live all that I’m living right now, either in my studies or in my work, is a dream coming true. I’ve gone to Porto Alegre to study there, but 2 weeks later then the pandemic made me come back to my town, but in some ways a I don’t think that’s a terrible thing, because here I keep in touch with my family and my pets (I have a lot of them, such as cats, rabbits , dogs and turtles, but unfortunately I don’t have a duck – yet) and also with my friends, and I like to always discover something new in Caxias, because it has such a rich culture e history, with italian (and some many others) elements. For example, there are some parks, restaurants and monuments that I like to go to once in a while, but I like to visit cities near here too, like Gramado to eat some chocolate or Arroio do Sal Beach to take some sea baths. In my free time, I like to relax by reading some good books or watching soap operas, but on the other hand I also like to move my body by taking a walk, fighting muay thai or practicing pole sport. I guess that ‘s it. You can find me on my email, or @gabstelh on instagram and 5554996473648 on both Whatsapp and Telegram. Thank you!  

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