Project Teams

The Gift (2010)

The Gift team included: Ying Dong, Ben Lovatt, Chris Hodgson, Fay Chen, Nick Spencer, Jui-Che TU, Chao-Hsi Ho, Yueh Hsiu Giffen Cheng, Jack Fan, Sukwoo Lee, Aysar Ghassan, Makoto Watanabe, Liam Fennessy, Bonnie Sadler Takach, Aidan Rowe, Lawrence Kwok, Hailley Honcharik, Adolfo Ruiz, Andrea Van Der Ree, Erik Bohemia, Daniel Reed, David Parkinson and Phoebe Guo.

Open ICT Tools (2009-2010)

Open ICT Toos Team

The members of the Open ICT Tools team are (from left to right): Neil Smith, Trevor Cornwell, Chris Turnock, Jed Woodhouse, Ben Lovatt, Laura Taylor, Kerry Harman, Erik Bohemia.


Entertainment on the Go (2010)

Entertainment on the Go team included: Erik Bohemia, Carolina Gill, Sung-Gul Hwang (on the left in the photo) and Sukwoo Lee (on the right in the photo).


On the Move 2 (2009)

On the Move 2 team included: Erik Bohemia, Thomas Greenough (4th from the left), Patrick Lynch, Nick Oakley, David O'Leary (1st from the left), Michael Salmond, Neil Smith, Caleb Rabinowitz and Hannah Toes.


Global Health Local Solutions (2009)

Global Health Local Solutions team included Erik Bohemia, Liam Fennessy, Carolina Gill, Sung-Gul Hwang, Sukwoo Lee, Nick Long and Neil Smith.


On the Move (2007-8)

On the Move team in this picture included Nick Oakley (2nd from the left), Patrick Lynch (6th from the left), Erik Bohemia (5th from the left) and Neil Smith (8th from the left).


Constructing Constructs (2007-8)

Constructing Constructs team included: Erik Bohemia, Sung-Gul Hwang, Nick Jinkinson, Jasung Koo and Neil Smith.


Thinking Outside the Box (2007-8)

Thinking Outsite the Box project team included: Erik Bohemia, Neil Smith and Tsai Lu Liu.


Kitchen Timer (2006-7)

Kitchen Timer project team members in this picture from left to right included: Chris Connor, Colin Wilson, Lau Langeveld and Paul Redhead.

Other Kitchen Timer project teams members in this project included: Erik Bohemia, Ian Thomson, Kristina Lauche and Will Titley.

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