The Global Studio gives industry collaborators a fresh perspective on design problems, while providing their design and development teams with a unique opportunity to share their specialist skills and knowledge with the international talent of tomorrow. Here’s what one of our industry partners had to say about their experience as part of The Global Studio:


As a company, Intel thrives on new ideas… and embraces the challenge of doing things differently. As part of this tradition, we welcome inspiration from outside influences and our relationship with Northumbria School of Design is based on this philosophy.

Having worked with Northumbria over a few years now, we have a good understanding of each other’s culture and ways of working - which of course helps us to communicate both during and post projects. It also enables us to work iteratively to enhance past thinking or projects. This year’s collaboration is no exception. Building on an earlier project, the outputs of this collaboration demonstrate an impressive depth of thinking around the problem space and a clear understanding of what the usage and spec should be and how this links to Intel.

The breadth of ideas and outcomes presented – some of which I believe have potential - has also been inspiring. But, equally important has been the way in which these ideas and outcomes were communicated. I have seen great creativity in the video communication and this has helped to engage and excite us about the potential for future developments.

Murali Veeramoney

Director, Mobile Platforms Solutions Division, Intel