Past Global Studios’ Projects

Please check previous years’ blogs to see what our students have been doing at the Global Studio. You can find the blogs from then on the following links: Global Studio 2016, 2017, and 2018. Here’s a selection:

  • Design by Team MONO (METU), video by Team O RLY (Hong-Ik University). Also checkout Team MONO’s design process blog. (2016)  
  • Design by Team elevate (Loughborough University), video by Team TAS* (METU). Also check out Team elevate’s design process blog. (2016)
  • Design by Team STUDIO-LA (METU), video by Marvellous Design (Loughborough University). Also checkout TEAM STUDIO-LA’s design process blog. (2017)
  • Design by Team black cat productions (Angewandte), video by Team Corgi Inc. (METU) (2017)
  • Design by Team AHOY Captain (METU), video by Team MRS (UFRGS). Also checkout Team AHOY Captain’s design process blog. (2018)
  • Design by Team Chess (Shibaura Institute of Technology), video by Team Dot. (METU) (2018) 

You can browse the last two years’ projects from the following links:

Global Studio 2018:

Global Studio 2017:

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