Clients’ Peer Feedback

When providing your feedback as Clients to your Designers, please consider the following points.

The peer feedback should help your peer to take action to improve their learning

Note: Feedback should be for learning, not just evaluation of learning. It should help to close the gap between current performance and the expected standard of work, written to take into account peers’ understanding of what they are supposed to be doing. 

The peer feedback should be clear, detailed and provide a specific guidance on how to improve

Note: It is important that your peer can understand the feedback you give, and to achieve this feedback should be specific about where, for example, the work is underdeveloped or where additional information can be found in the literature or in your project brief or your prior information you have provided. 

The peer feedback is a forward-facing focusing by supporting building skills for future work

Note: Feedback should be constructive, not just backward-looking, with a focus on aspects of the work which are relevant to later assessments. For example, a focus on generic issues such as study skills or presentational factors helps feedback to also function as feed-forward, building skills for future work. 

The peer feedback builds motivation and self-esteem

Note: Feedback should help your peer to want to learn by being encouraging and supportive in tone, and including a focus on existing strengths and, where there are weaknesses, guidance how to improve. 

The peer feedback is realistic and focuses on your peers’ performance

Note: Make sure your peer realise that the feedback is about their work, rather than about them as people, with an appropriate level of challenge, asking them to do things they are able to do, not things they do not know how to do. 

The peer feedback will support your peer students to develop their ability to make informed judgements on their own work

Note: The goal of feedback is enhancement of learning and improvement of future work and should therefore develop peers’ abilities to self-audit the quality of their own work

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